Amazing Places to Go Hunting

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A contemporary hunter relies on quite a bit of patience, and goes through a number of tests out here in the wilderness. However, he has the opportunity to enjoy state of the art equipment and luxury. You can find a balance between these if you look at the modern hunter’s bucket list of destinations, or his dream hunts There are a few destinations in the world that are well worth dreaming about, too. Every hunter’s list is different, but the following hunting destinations would sway even the most determined hunter away from some of his favorite spots. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing places to go hunting, and all of these locations are rich in game of all types, beautiful country, and amazing loges and guided hunting tours. If you enjoy being the top of the food chain, these places will challenge your sportsmanship, and give you an experience you will never forget!

Alberta, Canada


Alberta , Canada is a lush, beautiful hunting location full of excellent hunting for adventurous big game hunters. Wi In Alberta, Canada, you will find elk, trophy black bear, and Giant Canada Moose. Known as one of the best places on earth for everything from buck hunting to duck hunting, the plains of Canada offer world-class, monster mule deer and whitetail, as well as a wide variety of duck and geese. Early in September., through the end of October, is top bird hunting season, when the fowl migrate down from the Arctic to take advantage of all the harvested grains Alberta has to offer. Alberta is rich in pintails, mallards and other ducks naturally, so you won’t be waiting long for a shot. There are companies there that do hunting tours as well, so if that’s how you want to play it, Blue Sky Outfitters offer hunts for waterfowl, moose, bison, and wolf and coyote hunts. Hunt snow geese, speckled geese, mallard, pintails and widgeons, all while being guided by some buddies that are area and hunting experts.

You will find info on their website of how to schedule a hunt, what to bring, travel/extra costs, and how your meat/ hides, or antlers will be shipped to you. Trophy Hunters Alberta that conduct tour for bigger game. THA offers amazing trophy hunt experiences, and the best value in Alberta. Their tours are guided by professionals in the hunting game, and so me of the most diverse hunting terrain in Alberta. If you are into big game hunting, THA can customize your hunt for whatever you want to hunt. They don’t just hunt out of a single area, they find the game and get it done. This is a proven method of harvesting the biggest trophy animals. THA has the best track record for harvesting the biggest animals in each of their specialized big game species, and they have received APOS Awards for their keen skills in big game hunting. Meanwhile, if you are up to the battle that the elements will give you, you can travel north of Alberta to the Yukon, where there’s seal hunting, Beluga Whale, and Arctic Fox Hunting as well.

Talkeetna, Alaska


Ok, the Bears stand about 9 feet tall here, so if you want to be the one hunted, came packing. The last Frontier is known for it’s loose hunting which is gaining quickly after the last few mild winters. Most every game is fair game, and you will not be lacking in anyway for animals to hunt. Stephen Lake offers big game trophy hunts in the mountains of Talkeetna. Their guide know exactly what they are doing, and are fully equipped. They offer hunts for Dall sheep, moose, grizzly/brown bear, black bear, wolf/wolverine. caribou, and waterfowl hunts.

The waterfowl/duck season starts September 1st. They will probably take you by prop plane, so if you have a problem with flying, be advised. They are cleared to hunt within the parameters of Alaska Fish and Game-deemed predator control area, and that means bear and wolf can be hunted all year long. Sheep, as well as moose are hunted in August and September.

Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina is widely known for it’s selection of birds. Unarguably the fastest, and most abundant bird hunting in the world, plush lodges as rounds of bullets are standard in this area. With an estimated 50 million Doves, there is less worry about when you will get a shot. You will find yourself more concerned with your gun messing up your shoulder from firing. The hunting season in Cordoba runs year round, but March and April are the best weather for hunting. October is nice weather as well, with temperatures up into the high 70’s Cordoba is almost 75% croplands, and 19% grasslands, so you always have a clean shot at your birds. If you have the advantage of extra time to spend, you can go south to the southern tip of the country for bigger game, like puma and buffalo.

Pripyat River Belarus

The European bison is the National animal of Belarus, and as you could probably guess, the animal is abundant, and favored to hunt. These 2,000 pound beasts are fun to bring down, and hunting is generally done from a blind or by stalking. If you have a hunger for smaller game, there are plenty of deer and wolves. There are also roe deer, wild boar, and red deer. From October to March is the season for bison, while the deer are in season from Mid- May through November, and wolves are fair game all year. The Stalker Group runs guided hunts throughout the country, and the majority of bison are found in the southern territory of Belarus, near the Pripyat River.

Windhoek, Namibia

This is by far the best safari destination. Nambia is said to e one of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, filled with wildlife, great road trips, and natural wonders. Globally acclaimed as the holy grail of hunting, Africa’s Namibia is an area known for its divers game, and hospitable locals.

Omujeve Hunting Safaris Claiming to have everybody’s dream safari, Omujeve Hunting Safaris is run by the Kruger family, whose roots in Nambia go back 5 generations. The Kruger’s are very kind, and very passionate about hunters. They will arrange airport transfers, pick-up and drop-off, have reports of being excellent cooks, and have a full service laundry. They are connected with anything you want for your hunt, from taxidermy, to shipping, all of your needs will be taken care of. There is ample room to kick back in their four lodges, and after a long adventure tracking animals in sceneries that will literally take your breath away, the oasis-like scenery will be super relaxing. The Krugers promise you the most memorable experience of your life, and get amazing reviews.